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Born in Australia. Created for the world

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Born in Australia

Beautiful, healthy hair. Naturally.

Natural technology...that works
From our humble beginnings in 1963, Vitafive has pioneered the use of natural technology haircare.

  • Inspired by the needs of the Australian hairdresser & their clients
  • Designed to protect hair from the harsh Australian climate & active outdoor lifestyle
  • Setting a higher standard for professional haircare globally
  • Achieve beautiful, healthy hair. Naturally

Haircare. Reinvented
Vitafive is recognised by the Australian Government for its leading haircare research with several world first haircare innovations;

  • The first daily leave-in hair moisturiser, Hair Booster Creme
  • 311 No-Rinse Perming Technology (Patented)
  • Creation of gelwax, the first fusion of a gel & wax
  • Advanced 5-Way Protection©, designed to protect hair against heat, solar, humidity, chlorine and salt water damaged
  • Botanically enriched CPR Colour System; hair feels like it has just had a conditioning treatment

Advanced Bio-Active® Technology
Developed by Vitafive scientists, the advanced Bio-Active® technology reads each hair strand, sensing its needs and infusing the exact amount of protein, moisture, vitamin and mineral requirements from root to tip. Best of all, it 'self-adjusts' for the seasons and lifestyle changes.

Vitafive is dedicated to leaving the planet better than we found it
Combined with eco-friendly, sustainable business practices, involvement in the local community and a deep appreciation of the beauty that already exists within each of us, Vitafive is dedicated to leaving the planet better than we found it.