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Leave-in Miracle Sealing Concentrate

Step 2 of the Post Colour Service

  • Fortifies & seals cuticle
  • Increasing colour longevity
  • Repairs hair fibre, anti-aging, revitalising effect
  • Superior detangling, improves manageability
  • Binds colour deep within hair
  • Weightless, non-greasy

Advanced natural technology
Vitalink Complex - Vegetable Protein, Carob Seed Extract, Grape Seed Extract, Aminodew, Quinoa Protein, Flax Seed Protein

Size: 10ml



Step 1 After rinsing CPR Colour Secure from hair, towel dry ensuring hair is still damp & not too dry.

Step 2 Take client to stylist station & section hair in quarters.

Step 3 Open the CPR Colour Complete Miracle sealing concentrate by twisting the top. Keep the end as you can seal the remainder & give to the client to use at home between salon visits (after 4-6 washes).

Step 4 Begin at nape. Taking a section at a time, use a 3-drop method to place a small amount 5cm from the roots, at mid-lengths & at the ends. Work through & then comb each section to ensure even distribution. Use less product for fine hair. 5 Leave-in, style as desired

Leave-in Miracle Sealing Concentrate

Advanced natural technology


Quinoa protein
Super potent, natural whole protein for intensive repair

Vegetable protein
Increases hair strength by 300%
Protects against humidity
Organic argan oil
Restores hair health.
Improves condition & shine
Jojoba oil
Nature’s best form of moisturiser for hair
Seals in nourishment, blocks humidity
Meadowfoam seed oil
Lock-in and extend colour
Soothes and protects scalp
Swiss grape seed
Neutralises free-radicals
Lasting protection for hair & scalp
Sunflower seed extract
Advanced UV protection & repair
Neutralises free radicals