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Violet + Blue toning & intensive masque

  • Exclusive salon service
  • Intensive Violet + Blue treatment toner
  • Eliminates yellow, brassy & gold tones
  • Deep repair, softness & shine
  • Achieve perfect toned blondes

Natural technology
Keratin & Wheat Protein, Jojoba Oil,
Sunflower Seed Extract, Panthenol

Sizes: 75ml, 900ml


Violet + Blue toning & intensive masque

Advanced natural technology

Jojoba Oil: Nature’s best form of moisturiser for hair Seals in nourishment, blocks humidity

Enhanced keratin protein: Deep repair with moisture binding. Improves manageability, softness & shine

Wheat protein: Intensive repair, strength & protection. Binds moisture for elasticity & shine

Panthenol: Deep penetrating, long lasting moisturiser

Sunflower seed extracts: Advanced UV protection & repair. Neutralises free radicals


Violet + Blue toning & intensive masque

Serious Blonde can be use as:

  • After colour service toning  
  • Blonde Refresher Salon Service

How to use (Professional use only):

  1. Cleanse hair with ALWAYS BLONDE Violet + Blue Sulphate Free Shampoo, then rise.
  2. Wearing gloves, and using a tint brush apply a generous amount of SERIOUS BLONDE Violet + Blue Intensive masque one section at a time for even results.
  3. Check visually until desired result has been achieved, then rinse.