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CPR FAST LIFT 8 - Gentle & Effective - Up to 8 Levels of Lift In 20 Minutes!*

Pro-Keratin & Argan Oil
High Powered Dust Free Blue Powder Lightener


Advanced fast lifting technology lifts up to 8 levels, cutting through yellow, brassy and gold tones for fresh, clean blondes. Infused with Pro-keratine and Argan Oil to strengthen the bonds within the hair and protect the scalp during the lightening process.

  • Protects and builds the integrity of the hair
  • Cuts through orange, gold & yellow tones
  • Dust free formula. Does not swell
  • Creamy, smooth consistency
  • Stays moist & active for up to 3 hours
  • Suitable for all hair types, natural or coloured
  • Suitable for any lightening technique

Expert tips:

Use 1.5% CPR Developer with your powder lightener foils when placing these amongst a full head block colour. This will slow the lifting speed of your foils so they finish processing at the same time as your colour, enabling both to be washed off at the same time.

Recommended: Use CPR Colour Advantage for added shine and protection (up to 10% of your total mix). *20 minutes processing time is dependent on hair texture, thickness & pre-existing colour