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Science of healthy hair

Haircare research and development: The Protein, Moisture and essential fatty acid, vitamin and mineral requirements of your hair will vary between each individual hair strand, and will also change from roots, mid-lengths and ends.

The secret to beautiful, healthy hair is to achieve and maintain the perfect balance of Protein, Moisture, Essential fatty acids, Vitamins and Minerals in each strand of hair, from root to tip.

88% Protein
Gives hair strength, allows nourishment to stay in hair, protects from external damage

12% Moisture (Lipids)
Essential fatty acids, vitamins & minerals gives hair softness, shine, flexibility, stops hair breaking.

  • Powerful antioxidants & UV protectors,
  • Creates strong, shiny & sleek hair
  • Keeps hair healthy and conditioned
  • Improves scalp and hair follicle health
  • Prolongs the life of hair

The CPR Protein cascade system is a triple repair mechanism for the hair, based on rescue proteins, that have been tailored to individual hair types.

These natural proteins work synergistically to repair hair at three different levels:

Low molecular weight proteins: Penetrate deep into the cortex to repair & protect from within
Medium molecular weight proteins: Strengthens the cell membrane complex
that binds the cuticle layer

Larger molecular weight proteins: Repairs the cuticle, smooths & protects the surface of the hair


Moisture (Lipids):
The total amount of lipid found in hair is generally 12% of the weight of the hair.

A lipid is an organic compound and could include fats, oils, waxes, sterols, and triglycerides, that are insoluble in water but soluble in common organic solvents, are smooth to the touch, and together with carbohydrates and proteins constitute the principal structural material of living cells.

Hairs’ natural lipids are replenished from a healthy scalp producing sebum. These lipids form the Cell Membrane Complex (CMC)

The Cell Membrane Complex which attaches the cuticle layer to the cortex, is comprised of essential lipids that consists mainly of wax esters, fatty acids, ceramide and 18-MEA. The main function of lipids in hair is to maintain the integrity of the “glue” that binds the cuticle in place and help improve flexibility of rigid proteins.

When too much of our natural oils are removed from hair, we affect hair friction, surface energy, and increase the potential for damage to the hair structure.

Specific Hair Care oils are essentially waxy esters and fats that are liquid at room temperature. One of the essential functions of lipids on the hair is moisturising to improve texture and manageability. Keeping the hair fully hydrated is a guarantee of manageability, softness and shine.