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Quinoa (Qin-Wah) Protein is considered a complete protein with combined small, medium and large molecular weights within the one protein

Hair Repair & Protection

  • Penetrates into the hair shaft for powerful protection and repair
  • Repairs damage and makes hair look smoother and silkier
  • Prevent further damage while adding control and manageability
  • Weightless film forming properties protect hair from environmental exposure

Conditioning effect

  • Reduction in combing forces on wet/dry hair – less tangles, less stretching to the hair
  • Binds moisture and provides nourishment to hair, improving hair elasticity and durability
  • Restores hydration

Increase of hair gloss & shine

  • After 1 treatment improves gloss by 26%
  • 5 treatments gloss value was 51% higher


  • Curly hair – improves definition and retention of curls

CPR Colour

  • 25% improvement in colour uptake
  • 23% colour retention improvement