Vitafive CPR - Wheat protein

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Hair becomes weaker, splits and breaks as it ages which is partly caused by the build-up of free radical damage. UV irradiation speeds up this damaging process. Antioxidants are used to limit oxidative damage by stopping the activity of the free radicals.

Sunflower Seed Extract is an antioxidant that protects hair from ageing and colour loss by neutralizing the oxidative free radicals generated by daily UV exposure and slowing down the oxidation of hair.

The features and benefits are:

  1. Advanced UV protection
  • Protects the hair from colour wash out
  • By neutralising free radical activity; stops the oxidative process which would normally fade colour
  1. Repairs damage caused by UV irradiation
  • Eliminates accumulated free radicals
  • Repairing the outer protective sheath of the cuticle
  1. Is a stronger antioxidant than Vitamin E (tocopherol) - is up to 4 times more efficient