Vitafive CPR - The Blonde solution


Eliminate unwanted yellow, brassy and gold tones

  • Repairs & strengthens hair from inside out
  • Reduces hair breakage by more than 80%
  • Binds moisture inside hair for lasting condition, softness & shine
  • Safe for keratin straightening & hair extension systems



  • The expert solution to maintain your silky soft, blonde hair

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ALWAYS BLONDE Violet + Blue Sulphate free shampoo
  • Neutralises yellow, brassy & gold tones
  • Repairs & strengthens from inside out
  • Removes impurities that discolour hair
  • Balances & reduces oily scalp
  • Rich lather, gentle effective cleanser
ALWAYS BLONDE Violet + Blue conditioner
  • Neutralises yellow, brassy & gold tones
  • Deep repair, condition & protection
  • Smoothes, detangles & softens hair
  • Seals the cuticle, enhances shine
ALWAYS BLONDE Violet + Blue Intensive Masque
  • Enhanced Violet + Blue toning
  • Neutralises yellow, brassy & gold tones
  • Intensive repair & nourishing treatment
  • Binds moisture, improves softness & shine
SERIOUS BLONDE Toning & Intensive Masque
  • Exclusive salon service
  • Intensive Violet + Blue treatment toner
  • Eliminates yellow, brassy & gold tones
  • Deep repair, softness & shine
  • Achieve perfect toned blondes


What causes blonde hair to go Yellow, Brassy and Gold?

When hair is lightened, either from fading by the sun or by a salon service, the hair goes through a physical change that reveals the natural underlying pigment.

The underlying pigment for blonde hair ranges from Yellow to Orange, depending on the level of lightness. Every head of hair will display a different underlying pigment concentration despite showing the same level of lightness; this comes down to the density of the hair, the amount of melanin inside the hair, and the smoothness of the cuticle that allows more colour to be reflected). Some level 8 blondes can be very gold and remain stubborn to toning.


When toning blonde hair, we need to take into account the truth of the colour wheel.


When dealing with Yellow undertones, we use the colour opposite it on the wheel; in this case Violet. When toning Orange, we use Blue. As most Blondes that we come across have a variety of levels of colour, we must manage this variety on one head; hence the use of Violet + Blue micro-pigments – to tone blondes that range from Level 6 through to Level 10!

Discolouration of Blondes:

Hair going Green: Copper is very commonly found in water as it is piped through copper piping to the tap and is abundant in ground water. It is also commonly added to swimming pools, lakes, hot tubs, and spas to control the growth of algae. Copper is well known for discolouring hair causing blonde hair to turn green and dark hair to tint darker. It will also weigh hair down, cause dryness, and inhibit the proper processing of colour.

Chlorine amplifies the problem of copper in the hair. It is an oxidizer that is used in tap water as well as swimming pools, spas, and hot tubs in higher concentrations to kill bacteria. Chlorine has a compounding effect on minerals in hair because of its oxidizing characteristic. Chlorine will oxidize the minerals to the hair and increase the effects of those minerals and “mineralizing” the cuticle making it difficult to open and accept colour.

How to fix it? Untreated, porous hair is very absorbent and is highly affected by metals, minerals and chlorine found in water. Using the BLONDE Solution will help recondition the hair, making it less porous and prone to absorption. The range also contains anti-oxidants and chelating agents (binding metal ions) that will stop the “oxidising” process of the metals that discolour the hair.

Another tip: If you seal the hair before swimming, the hair is less able to absorb water and be affected by chlorine and copper. The NOURISH Hair Booster is a perfect hair protection moisturiser that seals the hair and will also protect it from the sun.

When there is a major problem? If the hair is already green and damaged by Chlorine and Copper (or other metals), cleanse the hair with COLOUR Detox Sulphate Free Shampoo. It will cleanse, detox and clarify the hair, which will remove the offending metals that change the colour of the hair. Follow up with Always Blonde Violet + Blue Intensive Masque to tone the hair back to a beautiful Blonde and recondition the hair.



  • Maintain your perfect blonde with advanced Bio-Active® Botanical extracts


Wheat protein
Intensive repair, strength & protection
Binds moisture for elasticity & shine
Jojoba oil
Nature’s best form of moisturiser for hair
Seals in nourishment, blocks humidity
Enhanced keratin protein
Deep repair with moisture binding
Improves manageability, softness & shine
Sunflower seed extract
Advanced UV protection & repair
Neutralises free radicals
Silk protein
Deep conditioning effect
Improves silky softness & shine
Licorice root elixir
Natural anti-oxidants neutralises free radicals.
Improves hair & scalp health


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