Vitafive CPR - The Colour solution


Extends the vibrancy & life of your colour

  • Advanced UVA/UVB solar protection, removes damaging free radicals
  • Repairs hair & cuticle damage caused by sun exposure
  • Binds moisture deep inside hair for lasting condition, softness & shine
  • Safe for keratin straightening & hair extension systems



  • The expert solution for advanced anti-fade protection and repair

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ANTI-FADE Sulphate free shampoo
  • Deep repair & protection
  • Shields, stabilises & secures colour
  • Rich lather, gentle effective cleanser
ANTI-FADE Silicone free conditioner
  • Deep repair, condition & protection
  • Smoothes, softens & detangles hair
  • Seals the cuticle, blocks humidity
LOCK-DOWN Intensive masque
  • Intensive repair, condition & protection
  • Secures colour deep within hair
  • Locks-down & seals the cuticle
  • Protect against external damage caused by brushing, hot styling tools, UV, chlorine
    & saltwater
OXYGEN CRÈME Reconstructor
  • Targeted repair, condition & protection
  • Binds moisture for intense softness
  • Repairs the cuticle & seals the ends
  • Removes damaging impurities & free radicals that cause colour fade
  • Amplifies shine, prolongs colour life
DE-TOX Sulphate free shampoo
  • Rich lather, purifying deep cleanser
  • Repairs, strengthens & protects hair
  • Removes heavy metals, chlorine & pollutants from hair without stripping colour or natural oils from hair


What causes hair colour fade ?

When hair is coloured, it goes through a structural change that leaves it more sensitive to external forces. There are a number of things that we do to our hair before and after a colour service that impacts the lasting of the result, many of which we have control over.

Simply put, if the hair’s porosity is high, then the cuticle remains open. This releases colour molecules quickly from the hair, fading the colour fast. When the cuticle is open, it doesn’t reflect colour evenly, reducing the radiance and gloss of the hair.

Hair can be porous naturally when your hair is coarse, wavy or curly. Hair can become porous from over styling, over washing, and over exposure:

  1. Hair Porosity
  • Heat Styling Tools: damage the cuticle and weaken the cortex leaving the hair fractured and open. The hair loses essential protein, lipid protection & moisture
  • Over washing: water alone has the ability to dilute and fade hair colour. This is due in part to the pH of water being around 7.0; this opens the cuticle and allows for some rinse out of colour. Most shampoos have a lower pH that reduces the cuticle swelling, however many surfactants are aggressive and remove the hairs natural protection, releasing colour from the cortex and leaves the cuticle raised and uneven.
  • UV radiation: causes damage to the cuticle surface of the hair and releases free radicals into the cortex that oxidise the colour. This fades the colour and releases its bond inside the hair, making rinse out very easy.
  • Chlorine exposure: is another oxidiser. Whether swimming or in the shower, chlorine is present in the water. The hair will swell allowing for this chlorine to penetrate and add to the fading problem.
  • Hard Water: Contains many minerals and metals that can impact the colour of the hair and it’s health. Minerals can calcify the cuticle of the hair, stopping colour penetration. Metals can discolour the hair once oxidised and can dry the hair, leaving it more susceptible to damage and weakness.
  1. Preparation of the hair prior to colouring

Hair preparation is vital to ensure even colour penetration

  • Detox the day before: this will remove any excess build-up of products, pollution, and non-water soluble oils. By doing this the day before, you ensure that your scalp is normalised and has it’s own natural protection back to reduce irritation during the colour service. If you have a COLOUR Detox Shampoo on the day, make sure the scalp is not massaged at all during the process - it is about detoxing the hair only
  • Equalise the porosity: Using RESCUE Reconstruct on the hair before the colour service, fills in any of the hairs missing components before you colour. This will ensure a better absorption and spread of colour through the hair, and give a more even result. As it improves the protein structure of the hair, colour is bound within the cortex more readily, with better longevity
  • The water you use: Tap water of any kind contains minerals and metals in varying degrees that impact the health of the hair and its ability to absorb colour. Using a water purifier is highly recommended and use Shampoos that contain quality chelating agents. CPR Sulphate Free Shampoos all contain a biodegradable chelating agent that is very effective in binding metals so they do not impact the hair.


  • Extend the vibrancy and life of your colour with advanced Bio-Active® Botanical extracts


Wheat protein
Intensive repair, strength & protection
Binds moisture for elasticity & shine
Jojoba Oil
Nature’s best form of moisturiser for hair
Seals in nourishment, blocks humidity
Enhanced keratin protein
Deep repair with moisture binding
Improves manageability, softness & shine
Sunflower seed extract
Advanced UV protection & repair
Neutralises free radicals
Silk protein
Deep conditioning effect
Improves silky softness & shine
Licorice Root Elixir
Natural anti-oxidants neutralise free radicals.
Improves hair & scalp health


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