Vitafive CPR - The Fortify solution


Repair, renew & protect overworked & distressed hair

  • Contains our exclusive QWS Complex for advanced repair, strength and protection
  • Features Inca Omega Oil; the high levels of Omega 3, 6 & 9 provide significant protection of the hair fibre
  • Hair breakage reduces by 35%. Split ends reduces by 46%
  • Repairs and adds strength from the first wash
  • Smooths the cuticle and seals split ends
  • Safe for coloured hair, keratin staightening and hair extension systems

Overworked and distressed hair is extremely damaged. The hair is porous, brittle, is difficult to style, lacking shine and movement. The advanced Natural Technology of the FORTIFY range works to deliver intensive repair, strengthening, hydration and protection to renew hair from the cortex to cuticle. FORTIFY restores internal strength and elasticity, rebuilds surface protection to help prevent breakage, seals split ends, and adds shine, body and movement.


  • The expert solution to solve your damaged and distressed hair
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      REPAIR Sulphate free Shampoo
    • Repairs overworked & distressed hair
    • Advanced cortex repair & reinforcement
    • Reverse the signs of damage
    • Perfect for regular use
    • RESTORE Conditioner
    • Restores overworked & distressed hair
    • Advanced strengthening & softening
    • Seal split ends, prevents breakage
    • Perfect for regular use
    • CC Crème Leave-in Complete Care
    • Corrects extremely damaged hair
    • 13 Benefits-in-1 Step
    • Lasting protection
    • RENEW Omega Rich Treatment
    • Renew overworked & distressed hair
    • Reconstruct, replenish & revive
    • Intensive cortex reinforcement
    • Transform Masque Forte
    • Transforms extremely damaged hair
    • Rebuild, resurface, revitalise
    • Concentrated fortifying reconstructor
    • INCA OMEGA Healing Serum
    • Rich in Omega 3, 6 & 9
    • Repairs breakage & seals split ends
    • Restores healthy hair dynamics


    When your hair is over-worked and distressed

    Sometimes, hair problems are more complex than being dry, frizzy or flat. There are times, when we have done so much to the hair that it is damaged beyond the point of breaking. Hair that suffers from dryness, split ends, breakage, dullness, colour fading, is easily tangled, difficult to style and feels brittle as a result of damage. This type of damage can come from over exposure to UV, heat styling, chemical processes, chlorine, salt and too frequent washing and brushing. Hair can be quite resilient because of the complex inner workings of the cortex, but it cannot replace bonds within the hair once lost.

    When hair has been over-worked with heat, the bonds inside the hair have melted and split, and are never able to re-bond themselves again. When hair is distressed by becoming overly porous, the hair can be affected easily by humidity, become frizzy, dull and difficult to style. Recovering from this is complex and needs to be approached in a holistic way. Your diet can help strengthen your hair, your styling techniques can also aid in reducing the amount of future damage. But if you want to continue styling, colouring and having a great time with your hair, CPR Fortify is the way to shorten the trip back to healthy, strong, beautiful hair.

    Fortify has been designed to deliver advanced repair, strengthening, hydration and protection to distressed hair. Through the exclusive QWS Complex, Cell Repair Technology is taken into the future - utilising a functional delivery system that brings proteins to the inner cortex. Blended with a rich source of moisture, Inca Omega is a potent golden health oil that transforms distressed hair into glossy, soft, and nourished hair. FORTIFY restores internal strength and elasticity, rebuilds surface protection, seals split ends, and helps prevent breakage.

    The Technology That Works

    The CPR FORTIFY range has been developed with this knowledge in mind. There are a couple of things important to hair health: the strength of the bonds inside the hair, the moisture level, the resilience of the cuticle and the pH of the hair.

    Bonds inside the hair – the cortex of the hair is made up of millions of polypeptide chains. These chains are held together by 3 different types of cross-linked bonds. These bonds hold the hair fibres in place and account for the resilience, strength and elasticity of the hair:

    • Hydrogen Bonds: Are the weakest physical cross bonds in the hair. When hair is wet, the hydrogen bonds are broken, allowing hair to be formed into a new shape with drying. Hair styles are lost easily in humid conditions as the moisture breaks some of the Hydrogen Bonds, releasing the style that has been set. This is why making hair humidity resistant through the use of conditioners and styling aids is vital.
    • Disulphide Bonds (covalent bond): Are the strongest chemical cross bonds in hair. These give hair its elasticity and strength. These can only be changed during a chemical process such as a permanent wave or relaxer. Chemical changes due to UV radiation can occur in hair proteins where the disulphide bonds are severed and cysteic acid formation leads to an increase in fibre porosity, loss of mechanical strength, loss of elasticity and an increase in surface roughness.
    • Salt Bonds (ionic bond): These are weak, physical bonds, which are easily broken by water and heat but re-join with drying and cooling. These bonds are formed by the attraction of positively and negatively charged amino acids. Salt bonds are greatly affected by changes in pH, causing the hair to swell and the cuticle to lift. As hair becomes more damaged, there is an increase in the amount of cysteic acid, breaking the amount of salt bonds as the hairs pH has changed.

      Moisture level = directly influenced by Porosity

    Moisture accounts for between 12-15% of normal healthy hair and affects the number of hydrogen bonds that may be present in the hair. Too little moisture can reduce the amount of Hydrogen Bonds in the hair, causing it to weaken and styles to drop out quickly. Too much moisture can break the Hydrogen Bonds in the hair with the same result.

    When hair is damaged, it becomes more porous. This is where the pH of the hair has changed, the amount of salt bonds has been reduced, and the cuticle is raised and not protected. Moisture is released and gained easily, depending on the weather. The change in humidity destroys hair styles and weakens the hair.

    Conditioning the hair, and protecting from the moisture loss and gain cycle, re-establishes the hydrogen and salt bonds and improves the moisture content of damaged hair.

      Resilience of the Cuticle = Lipid Layer

    The cuticle is responsible for most of the mechanical strength of the hair, it controls the water content of the fibre, and when flat, produces shine. The cuticle is a thin, flat, hard structure with layers of overlapping, scale-like cells. The cuticle constitutes the outer surface area of the hair fibre and surrounds the cortex, acting like a protective sheath. In between the scales is the Cell Membrane Complex (CMC) that acts as the cement that binds the cuticle cells together and to the cortex.

    The primary lipid that makes up the CMC is 18-MEA. This is covalently bound (chemically – difficult to move) to the hair but can be destroyed by chemical processes or UV radiation. 18-MEA is responsible for providing hair with its hydrophobicity (water-repellent property), which protects hairby preventing it from absorbing too much water from the environment (which would break essential hydrogen and salt bonds). It also provides hair with softness, lubricity, and shine. It also contributes to hair being easier to detangle and comb through.

    The CPR FORTIFY range uses 18-MEA in its formulations to replenish this essential lipid, protecting the hair from humidity, and giving the hair its softness and shine back.

      pH of the hair

    The pH scale is a measure of the amount of hydrogen ions that are found in a substance. The scale ranges from 1-14 with 7 being a neutral substance, such as pure water. Levels between 0-6.9 are acidic and levels between 7.1-14 are alkaline. The scale is logarithmic, meaning that 4.0 is 10 times more acidic than 5.0 and 100 times more acidic that 6.0.

    The hair fibre itself does not have a pH. It is the moisture in hair and the very thin fluid layer that coats the hair comprised of oil, salt and water, called the acid mantle, which forms the slightly acidic pH of 4.5 – 5.0. This acid mantle is instrumental in keeping the cuticle scales flat and aligned, making hair smoother and shinier – as the flat scales have a better reflective surface.

    For this reason it is vital to maintain good levels of moisture balance in the hair and use products that are correctly pH-balanced. This can be done by using proteins that bind moisture within the hair and replenishing vital lipids (oils, etc) to the surface of the hair to form a protective,hydrophobic (repelling humidity) layer on the cuticle.




  • Intelligent repair with advanced Bio-Active® Botanical extracts

    QWS Complex
    Powerful combination of proteins
    for correcting cortex to cuticle
    Inca Omega Oil
    Potent golden health oil, Rich in Omega 3, 6 & 9
    Seals split ends & reduces breakage
    Slow-release Carob Protein
    Deep penetrating, slow release micro-protein
    for deep repair, strength & protection
    18-MEA Lipid Repair
    Restores the cuticle’s natural protection
    Strengthens & fortifies hair
    Flax Seed Extract
    Superior conditioning, prevents moisture loss
    Visibly corrects split ends
    Deep penetrating,
    long lasting moisturiser

    Inca Omega Oil – supports Sustainable Development – Support the local Communities of Peru
    The APOLPAWA ASSOCIATION have the commitment of giving the highest priority to sustainable collection, education and support to local communities. Extracted from the Sacha Inchi nut using only cold pressure techniques in order to maintain all its natural components with no degradation.



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