Vitafive CPR - The Frizzy solution


Calm, smooth & control frizzy, coarse & curly hair

  • Eliminates the frizz, without weighing your hair down
  • Reduce hair breakage by more than 80%, preventing further frizz
  • Intense smoothing, gloss & humidity protection
  • Safe for coloured hair, keratin staightening and hair extension systems



  • The expert solution to solve your frizzy & curly hair concerns

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    FRIZZ CONTROL Sulphate Free Shampoo
  • Begins the smoothing process
  • Intensive repair to calm & smooth frizz
  • Rich lather, gentle effective cleanser
  • FRIZZ CONTROL Conditioner
  • Smoothes, softens & detangles
  • Nutrient rich, deep conditioning
  • Hydration holding, humidity blocking
  • SMOOTHING Intensive Masque
  • Repairing & hydrating treatment
  • Intense smoothness, softness & shine
  • Lasting anti-frizz humidity protection
  • PHASE 1 Smoothing Crème
  • A softening, conditioning styling aid
  • Smoothing foundation for all styling
  • Instantly detangles, adds softness & shine
  • Anti-static, controls frizz & fly-away hair
  • Slight hold factor with style memory

    Formulated with 5 Way Protection©

  • Seals in nourishment, eliminates frizz
  • Nutrient rich, leave-in smoothing treatment
  • Lasting anti-frizz humidity protection
  • Convenient, easy to use pump application
  • Alcohol free, intense shine spray
  • Lasting frizz control, eliminate fly-away
  • Easy glide hot ironing or styling


What causes Frizzy hair ?

  • Genetics can make hair naturally frizzy, curly, unruly or rebellious
  • Frizzy hair is also caused when the protein of hair structure is damaged
  • With a damaged protein structure, nourishment is lost leaving hair frizzy, fly-away and hard to manage
  • Damaged hair also has an open cuticle which loses nourishment and allows humidity to eneter and swell causing it to frizz
Damaged hair, open cuticle. Difficult to maintain moisture levels
Healthy hair, closed cuticle. Moisture levels maintained throughout day


What causes Frizzy hair?

Hair becomes frizzy when it lacks moisture! Simple. But, how the hair lacks moisture can be a more complex cause.

Let’s adjust our thinking a little, when we say our hair needs moisture, what it really needs is a combination of moisture and lipids.

Lipids account for around 4% of the weight of the hair. Lipids can be fats, oils, waxes, sterols, and triglycerides that are insoluble in water, and are smooth to the touch. The main functions of lipids in hair is to improve the cuticle layer and seal it so it becomes “hydrophobic” (repelling water). Once sealed, the cuticle will stop the release of moisture from within and will stop moisture (humidity) from penetrating the cuticle.

When hair is damaged, the internal protein structure and essential lipid protection layer are weakened, leaving hair dry, fly-away and hard to manage. Hair can become damaged from brushing, heat styling, ultraviolet rays, salt water, chlorine or chemical services.

Other causes of Frizzy hair are sourced from:

  • Genetics: Naturally curly, wavy, and coarse hair is prone to be frizzy as the cuticle does not lie flat naturally. Therefore, the porosity of the hair is always high allowing moisture to escape and absorbed when we don’t want it. It is also more difficult for our natural oils, sebum, to be dispersed evenly along the hair shaft as the porous, raised cuticle inhibits a smooth flow.
  • Nutrition: For your hair to remain healthy, shiny and frizz free, you must nourish it from the inside out. A diet that lacks sufficient protein and essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients will result in hair that is dry, damaged and frizzy, as the hairs’ growth is determined on a good diet.
  • Environment: Too much exposure to nature's elements can cause your hair to frizz. The main problems are humidity, strong wind, chlorine, salt and too much sun.
  • Description of the Hair Type: Thick, coarse, curly hair. The hair shaft generally has a wider diameter and the shape is more elliptical (oval), which makes the hair more susceptible to mechanical damage. Curly hair represents even more of a challenge as the follicle is curved and grows differently from the scalp.
    What makes frizzy hair unique?
    Description of the Hair Type: Thick, coarse, curly hair. The hair shaft generally has a wider diameter and the shape is more elliptical (oval), which makes the hair more susceptible to mechanical damage. Curly hair represents even more of a challenge as the follicle is curved and grows differently from the scalp.


    Porosity is also a major issue with course and curly hair. The shape of the hair doesn't allow for all of the cuticle scales to lie flat and overlap one another along the axis of the hair, especially at the outer edges of the hair strand. This creates areas of discontinuity in the cuticle layer, which adds porosity to the hair. Curly hair has a tendency to be naturally higher in porosity than straight hair.

    This is because the spirals in the helical configuration of the curls create areas where individual cuticle scales are raised slightly away from the length of the hair. The curlier the hair is, the more breaks you have in the smoothness of the surface, so the porosity is invariably increased.

    Increasing porosity of hair has been found to correlate with decreasing tensile strength of the hair. What this means is that as the porosity goes up, it becomes much easier to break the hair. Gaps and flaws in the surface, which allow the hair to absorb much higher quantities of moisture, create stress concentration sites and weakness throughout the strand that cause the hairs to break easily.




  • Smoothing frizz control with advanced Bio-Active® Botanical extracts

    Quinoa protein
    Super potent, natural whole protein
    Binds moisture, nourishes, adds shine
    Jojoba oil
    Nature’s best form of moisturiser for hair
    Seals in nourishment, blocks humidity
    Wheat protein
    Micro-proteins penetrate hair cortex
    for deep repair, strength & protection
    Organic Argan Oil
    Restores hair health
    Improves condition and shine
    Vegetable protein
    Triples the strength of weakened hair
    Hydrates, softens & protects the cuticle
    Colza Plant Extract
    Superior detangling & conditioning
    Improves manageability, reduces static


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