Vitafive CPR - The Volume solution


Weightless healthy volume, energy & repair for fine hair

  • Fine hair becomes thicker & fuller with lasting body & bounce
  • Reduces hair breakage by more than 80%
  • Advanced UVA & UVB solar protection
  • Safe for keratin straightening & hair extension systems



  • The expert solution to bodify and thicken fine hair

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AMPLIFY Sulphate free shampoo
  • Bodifying, weightless formula
  • Strengthen & energise fine, limp hair
  • Rich lather, gentle effective cleanser
AMPLIFY lite conditioning rinse
  • Ultra-light repair & conditioning
  • Gives fine hair body, bounce & shine
  • Instantly detangles & prevents fly-away
  • Advanced UV protection & repair


What causes fine hair to lack volume?

    Fine hair has a thin diameter typically between 29-79 μm in comparison to Medium 50-90 μm, and Thick / Coarse 91-125 μm.

    The disadvantages of fine hair is that the hair is generally too smooth (like children’s hair), has poor strength and exhibits “fly-away”, especially in dry climates. If the hair fibres are electrostatically charged by combing or other means, it can be nearly impossible to style the hair.

    Fine hair is not necessarily thin (sparse) hair, although the two can come together. However, those who have fine hair can have a lot of it, each hair takes up less space, so there is room for more of them. People with this issue, tend to have oilier scalps as each hair has it’s own sebaceous gland, so the more hairs your have, the more sebum (oil) your scalp produces in a smaller area. This can lead to hair looking greasy, weighing it down and making hair look limp.

      There are five key physical attributes of fine hair that result in lack of volume:

      1. Fine hair is thinner in diameter, which makes it more fragile than normal hair. It can contain less cysteine, which is the amino acid that lends keratin most of its strength.
      2. Density: hair can be very sparse (few per cm2) - lacks movement, body and very difficult to style. The hair can be dense, which leads to the scalp being oilier, leaving hair limp, dull and greasy.
      3. Stiffness: the lack of protein means the hair cannot hold itself away from the scalp.
      4. Curvature: when the hair lacks curve, the hair sits very flat.
      5. Friction: when the hair strand is smooth there is less friction making hair lack texture & volume.
        How to get body, volume and bounce
      1. Cleansing: When your hair is fine, and there is very little of it, you won’t need to wash your hair regularly. Do you find that second day hair is the best? This is where some of your sebum has started to produce and it can add volume to your hair and static is reduced as a result. Using the gentle AMPLIFY Sulphate Free Shampoo is important, to protect the scalp from any irritation (a stripped scalp can burn even easier!), and to protect the strength of the hair. Using ingredients such as proteins that can build the strength and diameter of the hair will add volume and bounce, making styling much easier.

        When your hair is fine, but there is a lot of it, you will want to wash your hair everyday as it gets oily quickly. This can have a negative impact on the scalp and your hair. Using an oil regulating Shampoo, such as CPR RESCUE Scalp Balance Sulphate Free Shampoo, is vital to balance the need for the sebaceous glands to overproduce. By reducing the amount of times you shampoo, your scalp will be less irritated, your hairs health is improved. Then if you are washing every second day, it is worth the investment in styling your hair beautifully each day - getting 2 days out of your time, instead of half a day.

      2. Conditioning: Use a Volumising conditioner only. You may feel like you want to skip this step, but applying a conditioner to the mid lengths and ends is vital. It helps to add important actives to the hair, like proteins, that strengthen, repair and protect the hair. They can also deliver very important UV protectors to ensure the hair is not damaged when you go out in the sun. Conditioners are also vital in securing your hair colour, and ensuring that your colour doesn’t fade quickly. When hair is fine, it has less ability to absorb colour molecules. Every micro speck of colour is vital to you, conditioners help you to hold onto them. The CPR AMPLIFY lite conditioning rinse not only adds energy and volume to your hair, it contains advanced UV protection and repair.

      3. Styling: When blowdrying, do not use the hottest setting when drying the roots. A hot setting can activate your sebaceous glands - they sweat when they’re hot!! But do use a low heat setting, tip your head forward and dry the roots off in the opposite direction to their growth pattern. This will give your hair much needed extra body and bounce. If you want to maintain this for a couple of days, use the CPR CREATE Heat Defence directly onto the roots prior to drying. This uses a memory hold, and will not go tacky. It blends well with your scalps sebum over time to reduce the oily effects.

        When styling, using a light weight, memory hold spray light CPR CREATE Heat Defence, will help you add volume and bounce, plus maintain your style for days. Plus, the right hairspray can be your best tool. A working and finishing spray that is humidity resistant and weightless is paramount. The CPR FINISH Hair Spray is your new best friend. When hair is dry, section the hair and spray lightly from the under side. Let dry in desired style. Brush through. This adds texture and memory to your styling. Finish off with a light spray to hold everything in place. If you have flyaways, spray a little hairspray on your fingers and pat down those hairs that are misbehaving.




  • Bodify & thicken fine hair with advanced Bio-Active® Botanical extracts

    Wheat protein
    Intensive repair, strength & protection
    Binds moisture for elasticity & shine
    Sunflower Seed Extract
    Advanced UV protection & repair
    Neutralises free radicals
    Enhanced Keratin Protein
    Deep repair with moisture binding
    Improves manageability, softness & shine

    Deep penetrating,
    Long lasting moisturiser

    Soy Protein
    Repair, restructure & protect the cuticle
    Makes hair feel thicker & fuller
    Licorice Root Elixir
    Natural anti-oxidants neutralises free radicals. Improves hair & scalp health



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