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CPR Colour and CPR Colour Chart

Created by Cass Donnelly

Pure, predictable, stunning colour results

Cass created the CPR Colour system with a purist approach - staying true to the guiding principles of the colour wheel - for highly predictable, stunning colour results.

Creating a 'true-to-swatch' colour chart

Cass lived in Europe for 12 months creating CPR Colour and then individually created and matched each swatch in the colour chart to ensure consistent, 'true-to-swatch' results.

Creative Colourist Guide

Located at the front of the CPR Colour chart, the Creative Colourist Guide explains everything you need to know to become a great colourist - Appropriate for juniors, apprentices, senior and advanced colourists.

Colour cocktails (back of the CPR Colour chart)

"Creating a customised colour for your client that reflects the changing seasons, fashion and lifestyle changes is the future of professional hairdressing. I created the 20 x Colour Cocktails in the back of the CPR Colour Chart to inspire you with new ideas" explains Cass Donnelly.