Vitafive CPR - Wheat protein

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Low molecular weight proteins
Contains “micro-protein actives”, which are low-molecular weight

Repair Power & Protection

  • Deeply penetrates into the hair shaft
  • Repairs, strengthens and protects the hair from within
  • Forms a weightless yet significant protective film on the hair surface, which protects against external damage such as brushing, hot tools, UV, salt and chlorine

Improved hair health & manageability

  • Binds moisture within the hair
  • Increases flexibility and tensile strength of the hair fibre
  • Improves overall shine, manageability and body
  • Hydration holding and humidity blocking

Reduces hair breakage by more than 80%

  • The hair cuticle is smoothed, making detangling from roots to tips much easier
  • Hair is better able to withstand everyday stresses such as combing, brushing, hair styling
  • Restructures, repairs and cares for stressed, dry, porous hair or sensitive hair tips
  • Effectively penetrates the cortex, giving hair new body and bounce